New Track – “Souly Spirit” Added To Discography

Souly Spirit was created as part of a two-week challenge to go out and use found sounds, sample them and create a song from them. The sounds were heavily processed to create the resulting “instruments: Here is a list of the found sounds:

Kick – Car Door Slam
Hats – Opening a Fizzy Bottle & Kitchen Collender
Tom – Empty Bottle One Shot
Clap – Bathroom Clap
Snap – Spray Can
Shakers – Spray Can
Bass- Bottle Glass
Arp – Wine Glass
Hi Organ – Wine Glass
Low Organ – Glass Bowl
Drone – Bottle Blowing
FX – Empty Bottle (Electronic Noise)
FX Riser- Aerosol Spray Can
FX White Noise – Kettle Boiling

There were only two non-sampled tracks in the song:

Top Drum Loop – gives a more percussive snap
Drum Fills